2012 Charity Costume

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To become a sponsor of the Cocoabelly 2012 Charity Costume

Dear Friends,

Cocoabelly Dance Services LLC, established in 2009, captures the essence of every dancer through unique, elegant, and stunning costume design. Over the past three years Cocoabelly has successfully presented exhibition showings of their one-of-a-kind costumes, and subsequently established a referral based business, costuming belly dancers of many shapes and sizes in the NY area as well as dancers in the Washington DC area, Atlanta area, and Canada.

As a member of a helping/health care profession, I could not neglect my "roots" when it came to Cocoabelly. So, Cocoabelly now introduces a charity project, designed to do our part to help support specific agencies within the NYC area.

We pledge to make 2 costumes in 2012 (One straight sized and one plus sized) where part of the proceeds from each will go to support local agencies either through cash donations or through in-kind (goods or services) donations. The donation will include the costume sponsor's name.

This costume will capture the feel and the essence of each charity/organization through elements such as color and design; ALL materials will be top of the line, with attention to detail and quality construction.

Contact us for a presentation of the costumes design, fabric swatches, embellishment examples and further details on this project.

In love and light,




2012 Charity Costume