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5 ways to Recycle Clothing and Textiles in the NYC area

Because I do one-offs- one of kind looks for myself or for clients, I often have scrap from various projects left over. I sometimes use the scrap for other projects, but most times I collect it to resell. This season, on #givingtuesday I had to find a way to clear out the clutter, but remain conscious about environmental impact. Here is a list of New York City resources I came across while searching:

1: Local Clothing Shoe bin/dumpster: usually you see these outside of your local laundromat. All you have to to is place unwanted clothing inside and the organization comes on a regular basis to pick up.

2. Fabscrap: If you have fabric or scraps, they have pick up services available! There are two locations- Manhattan and Brooklyn. They also resell, and feature designers with sustainable practices which is awesome!

3. Custom Collaborative: They are a sewing coop that has a monthy drop off date for scrap fabrics.

4. Blue Jeans Go green: parters with select retail stores and gives discounts on new items purchased for every pair of jeans donated (including Levi's and Madewell). The donated jeans get turned into insulation.

5. Organize a clothing bin outside of your school, office, or apartment building with They also give other great suggestions for textile recycling.

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