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Cocoabelly's Mission:

Simply Sophisticated

One-Of-A-Kind Costume Design

Because we know that a dancer wants to feel unique and special when performing, a Cocoabelly costume is a one of a kind look specifically for the dancer that commissions it. No other dancer will grace the stage in the same costume if made by Cocoabelly. Designer Zuri combines her love of crafting with her passion for creativity to bring belly dance looks to dancers of all shapes and sizes.

When you book a costume costume consult:

✨ We meet to talk about your specific needs including colors, style, function, etc.

✨Zuri will source fabrics and trim

✨ Proposed design is sketched

✨ Document with costume specs and  cost per element is created

✨ The entire written package/sketch is emailed to the client for approval before taking the deposit for the project.

Let's tell your story- Book your consultation below 


Once you've approved the design and materials, your first deposit for materials cost

will be due.


You will have a minimum of two fittings during the construction process.

Final Deposit

There will be an additional final fitting where any minor adjustments will be made. At

this time the final balance for labor and any additional costs incurred during

construction will be due.

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