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Have an idea in mind for a costume?

Need help making your first costume?

Group Workshops

Individual Workshops

If you have a group and would like to schedule a workshop for your group, contact me.

Format 1: $100 per person for each 5-hour workshop with a minimum of 6 people registered  in order to have the workshop

Format 2 : Will be 16 hours of class instruction spread out over 8 weeks. The cost of this class is $320. The advantage of this format is even more individualized instruction time, detailed construction techniques,  as well as time in between classes to work on your items.

All of the following below still apply for both workshop categories:

Here is the plan:

· 2 separate workshops, one for bra, and one for belt.

· Each participant will bring their own materials (I will provide a list)

· I will have some minor things (i.e. a few colors of thread, wax, scissors, etc) -some for sale.

· I will have access to one sewing machine. You are welcome to bring your own, but it is not necessary-a lot of the work is by hand.

· I would like to guide you through step by step and finish as much of your bra or belt as possible in the time allotted.

· What I will show you is how to reinforce and then cover your bra, make straps, add hooks and give a few ideas for embellishing. If you have something in mind I will try my best to help you achieve the look you want.

· For your belt, I'll help you customize and trace a pattern to create your belt form from scratch, and also cover, embellish, line, and put hooks on.

Contact Zuri to schedule a workshop

I will be happy to work one on one with you to create your own one of a kind costume. We can work in person or via skype

Private lessons  are $50 per hour. 

You can schedule lessons in a 5 hour block, one to two hours weekly, or whatever fits in with your schedule.

You are responsible for shopping and/or purchasing your own materials. I will provide a list of items you may need. 

I can also source all of your materials

If you would like me to shop for you, I would love to do so (I love shopping for costume supplies!). There will be an extra fee, plus a consultation fee added.

To arrange a private lesson contact Zuri

Would you like to acquire some

D-I-Y skills?

Some of Cocoabelly's fans and friends from other states and countries have expressed interest in attending a costume workshop -but alas- they are limited by geography. I've listened to you and have now implemented a new online costume workshop series where we go through the step- by- step costume workshop via live video conference!


- no need to schlep all of your craft items to someplace else

-Work on your costume from the comfort of your own home

-Talk to Zuri live while implementing steps

-Talk to fellow dancers/crafters online via video

-Shorter sessions focused mainly on a single topic

We are keeping some of our unique features:

- List of materials is still provided

- Performances- since we can't do it live, we will watch video performances together via youtube!

And an extra:

-Belt patterns will be provided upon registration to expedite the process.

Contact Zuri for more details on how to schedule an on-line lesson!

Online Group Workshops

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